Put the POWER in YOUR Soul!

We are Martensville's Premiere Boutique Fitness Studio.


We believe...    An active lifestyle can equal a quality life.   

  • We believe exercise helps define purpose & intention!   

  • We believe that exercise will build up our youth & their self confidence = self respect!  

  • We believe exercise helps alleviate daily stress, anxiety and even depression!   

  • We believe to achieve you need a support system!

  • We believe in human connection & relation!

  • We believe exercise can rebuild the broken or injured & strengthen the weak!

  • We believe in functional fitness as a major preventative to injury, disease & illness!

  • We believe exercise improves sleep quality!

  • We believe even the weakest can grow strong!

We believe we all have the desire, just not the motivation!
We believe our programs are for ANYBODY & absolutely ANY body, no matter what your walk of life! 
We believe in our movement to be healthier & happier & We believe in YOU!


Our mission:  to inspire people to move!

At SoulPower, we advocate that exercise needs to be a lifestyle for everyone, and this is the solution for you!  Located in Martensville, convenience will be the key to achieving your goals!  As your SoulPower instructors, we promise to deliver our programs to you with an educated, authentic, energetic relation!! 

Meet Our Team of Instructors

We are highly motivated and excited to bring you the finest group classes the industry has to offer!

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