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We invite you to join SoulPower, where your only commitment is to yourself!  No crazy upfront fees, affordable membership options  and your class packs will NEVER expire!  You have a variety of options for purchase in our online store: 

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We require online signup for ALL classes to ensure your place, as space is limited.  Registration opens two weeks prior to class.  Please make your bookings with your BEST intentions in mind.  Drop in's are available on a first come first serve basis if the space allows. 

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Need to cancel?

Class cancellation is required NINE HOURS prior to class start time. 

(See the fine print below for all the details)

Class full?

Not to worry... we have a waitlist! 

The class you wanted to attend is booked up? No worries — you can add yourself to the waitlist and we’ll send you a text/email if a spot opens up. TIP: Be sure you are setup to receive text messages! You will automatically be added to the class if a spot opens, up to 30 minutes before a class starts. NOTE: If you’re waitlisted for an early morning class and someone drops, you’ll still be added. That means anytime your on a waitlist (morning or night), you either need to commit to waking up (commit to attending) in hopes of getting in or remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid incurring a late cancel/no attendance charge.

The fine print

Membership Details:

  • Class schedule is subject to change at ANY time, based on instructor availability and class popularity

  • Pay in Full Memberships:  are non-refundable and there is no option to freeze at anytime.

  • Monthly Auto-Pay Unlimited $89/month (12 month contract):  There is NO option to freeze your membership at anytime during your 12 month contract.  

  • Monthly Auto-Pay Unlimited $99/month (no contract): Our system needs 30 days notice to cancel your monthly auto-pay. 

  • NEW Grandfather Clause (effective Dec 6, 2017) - For members who registered prior to Dec 6, 2017, at $89/month no contract, you are exempt from the new contract rules and are not attached to any contract.  However if you cancel your monthly auto-pay at any time from Dec 6, 2017 forward, your special rate of $89/month WILL NOT be honored in the future as per the original fine print upon registering.  However, you will be eligible for the standard SoulPower Monthly Auto-Pay (NO contract) rate of $99/month.  We would love to have you back of course at anytime!

  • NO classes December 23-26 OR  July & August long weekend.

  • Drop in classes, must be 14 years or older 

  • Cancellation policy :  You have nine hours in advance to cancel your class spot, if you fail to do so, you will be charged $10.  It is important that spots aren't being taken for no-shows, this could take away from someone really wanting to be in the class *NEW* Effective February 7, 2019, we are allowing 5 FREE late cancels for each member per year to help accommodate emergency situations such as illness, work, life happenings, etc. Life happens, WE get it:)  ALL cancellation requests must go directly through the following email address: 

  • SoulPower schedule:  Regular season is January-June AND September- December, we will guarantee 50-60 classes each week during these time frames;  Summer season July-August, we will cut back to 40 classes each week during the determined popular by demand time slots.

  • No expiry!

  • Class schedule is subject to change at ANY time, based on instructor availability and class popularity.

  • NO classes July & August long weekend OR December 23-26. 

  • Drop in classes - Must be 14 years or older

  • Cancellation policy :  If you cancel your spot 9 hours before class start time, you will not lose your pass.

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