Kids Classes

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 lead busy and exciting lives!  It is not only important to make sure that they are getting lots of physical activity and learning new things, but also to make sure they develop positive coping mechanisms that they are able to apply to situations in their daily lives.  


Training with a purpose:

Our kids programs have been developed to build up the growing/developing child! Children under the age of 13 are at a peak stage for nervous system development. This means that most of their body awareness, coordination, movement mechanics and balance will be developed by the age of 13 making it a critical time for kids to move.  Don’t miss this window of opportunity to join our youth movement today!


Fitness + Yoga (Ages 6-12)

Includes light cardio, strength and flexibility using traditional fitness inspired exercises, concluding with an interactive 30 minute yoga stretch!  All set to fun energizing music!  

What your child will need:  indoor running shoes, a water bottle and lots of smiles! (we provide the yoga mat)


All the details:

Dates: We will be starting up again fall 2019, however Rochelle cannot set a day of the week yet until she receives her kids hockey schedules, so SORRY!! But she’s super excited to set a day of the week to run this class, and pleasssse stay tuned!!
Time: 4-5 p.m.
Price: $54/gst
Instructors:  Rochelle & junior helper Brody


Kiddin' Around Yoga (Ages 6-12)

This class has been created to encourage the healthy development of mental and physical capabilities in children.  We will focus on stability, strength, balance, and breathing, including many giggles along the way! The last ten minutes of the class focuses on Shavasana (kid terms: sleeping under the stars with the focus on breathing and relaxation, it's a great rest for busy little bodies).

Great for children who need help coping at home or school with feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed.  This class also also serves complimentary to sports programs.

What your child will need:  bare feet, a water bottle and lots of smiles!

All the details:

Dates:  Brittney’s having a baby, woo hoo!! Therefore, we will be only starting up kids yoga in our new studio next year 2020! Stay tuned!!
Instructor:  Brittney

Passionate Instructors

Brittney & Rochelle are passionate about working with children, with the main focus to create a positive early fitness experience to encourage lifelong participation!  


Rochelle is a Personal Trainer Specialist &  Fitness Instructor with a Kids Fitness Coach (CFP) certification, a mother of two with a passion to share fitness to young people!


Brittney (RYT200) serves as a great mentor for children, she specializes in Kid Yoga and her full time job working at the Dalmeny school.  Her passion lye's in supporting children and supporting them through their development.