Thai Yoga Massage

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With Val Bosch, Certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

Thai Yoga Massage is a holistic bodywork therapy that incorporates both yoga and massage by gently moving the body into yoga-like postures while applying various massage techniques to stretch and stimulate muscle groups, and the body's energy lines.

Thai Massage as we practice incorporates muscle manipulation techniques(massage) with assisted stretches (where the practitioner moves your body into a stretch).

Experience the difference: 

  • Immediate relief and therapeutic results in multiple different areas including physical pain relief and tension to deeper emotional stress
  • Help bring balance back to the body and create a sense of well-being

Thai Yoga Massage Sessions  

Thai Yoga Massage - 1 hours ($60)
Thai Yoga Massage - 2 hours ($115)
Thai Yoga Massage - 2.5 hours ($145)
Thai Yoga Massage - 3 hour - ($175)

AVAILABLE TO BOOK ON THE MINDBODY APP (under the appointments tab OR simply call Rochelle (306) 222-0796